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Sunsail Responsible Tourism - Yachts

At Sunsail, we pride ourselves in having the most modern fleet available. Working very closely with expert yacht builders such as Jeanneau and Robertson and Caine, we continue to invest millions to make sure that we operate the most efficient and environmentally friendly fleet possible. All our boats are equipped with holding tanks so no effluent is released in the water. We are also specifying solar panels on the new catamarans and we are investing in a new generation of marine battery with a far longer life span. We are even looking at using solar torches that use the sun’s energy from the day so that you can see clearly at night.

Combine this with our commitment to use biodegradable cleaning products and environmentally correct antifouling and your holiday on a Sunsail yacht, really is a green one.

Sunsail 384
Our recently-launched catamaran doesn’t only feature superb performance. It is equipped with solar panels used to recharge the batteries and extend the battery life.
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Sunsail 444
This revolutionary new catamaran also features solar panels, as well as eco-friendly batteries.
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Sunsail iRange

All of our iRange Jeanneau yachts and the new Sunsail 41 and our new flagship monohull the Sunsail 53, use the Prisma Process of deck construction to significantly reduce emissions during their contruction as well as new battery technology which we are applying to all of our fleet.

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