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Barbuda is an island unlike many in the Caribbean and remains almost completely untouched by tourism. It is renowned for its natural pink sand beaches which stretch over miles of coastline. On one side of Barbuda is the deep blue Atlantic with sand covered in driftwood and shells. On the other side is the calmer Caribbean Sea, perfect for simply swimming or even snorkelling. Here, in the calm turquoise waters, you will be able to see numerous varieties of tropical fish or turtles.

The real beauty of Barbuda is its natural, peaceful way of life. If you’re looking for somewhere to switch off, relax, slow down and make your own entertainment then a Barbuda yacht charter is perfect. The roads and tracks here are mostly unmarked from the beaches. There is an abundance of wildlife including dear, boar, land turtles and guinea fowl. The bird life is also impressive with the magnificent Frigate Birds having one of the largest colonies in the world on the island.

Other activities on the island include beachcombing, fishing, exploring the reefs, and diving the numerous shipwrecks around the island. Snorkelers are in for a treat with eagle rays and sting rays a common sight. From Barbuda it is also easy to get to the islands of St Kitts and Nevis. Low Bay is one of the areas most popular anchorages. The untouched beauty here is sure to overwhelm you. Take in the stunning pink coral sand, or snorkel through the colourful trenches of Low Bay’s reef.



  • Anchoring – see pilot guide for individual Bay information

Things to do:

  • Snorkel
  • Swim
  • Explore the caves at Two Foot Bay
  • Big game fishing
  • Visit the Frigate Bird Sanctuary


  • There are shops and a few restaurants on the island but no facilities for visiting yachts