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Laughing Bird Cay

A favourite among eco-tourists, the island is named after the Laughing Gull which nests here. The island is also home to many other indigenous species including, pelican, green heron, melodious blackbird and the magnificent frigate birds. There are also a variety of lizards, insects and plant species which reside here and on the white sand beaches you’ll find turtle nesting sites clearly marked out by the parks rangers.

But it’s not just above the water that’s special at Laughing Bird Cay. There’s unique plants and fish life in abundance underwater, making this shelf atoll a fantastic place for snorkelling and diving. The reef is made up of soft and hard coral and it wouldn’t be out of place to see parrotfish, yellowtail snapper, lobster and barracuda all swimming by. Keep a look out for ‘The Coral Gardener’, one of the parks scientists, who will gladly tell you about the coral restoration project and the steps being taken to protect this fragile ecosystem. Before your journey comes to an end, take the time to watch the sunset one last time from the deck of your boat and if you’re lucky, catch a glimpse of dolphins playing in the calm Caribbean evening waters.



  • There is only one mooring available

Things to do

  • Check out the abundant life both above and below the water
  • Relax on the golden beach and watch the sunset from the deck


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