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Petite Martinique

Petite Martinique is the smaller sister island of Carriacou, lying just 3 miles east of the north end. It is about a mile in diameter and looks like a mountainous pyramid rising out of the ocean. The Caribbean Sea laps the shores on the western side and the dramatic Atlantic swell breaks on the eastern coast. Petite Martinique contains a population of less than one thousand. Most of the inhabitants are of both African and European descent, blending together a rich Afro-European culture. There is also a strong fishing community here that sells its fish to mainland Grenada, and also to the French island of Martinique.

This island is a step back in time and taking it easy is the order of the day. Petite Martinique is a great spot to stop for lunch and a swim, but many people will hop less than a quarter of a mile away and anchor in the safer waters of Petit St. Vincent.

A popular restaurant on Petite Martinique is the Palm Beach Restaurant and Bar, situated right on the beach. Catering for al fresco dining guests, you’ll enjoy quiet and secluded dining cabanas offering an intimate dining experience. From the beach you’ll see beautiful panoramic views of the neighbouring Grenadine Islands. Best of all, a free taxi service for diners is provided from Petite St.Vincent, alleviating the problem of the choosing a designated dinghy driver.



  • Anchorage is on its northwest side
  • If anchoring off Petite Martinique you will need to be more than 200m from the beach
  • Anchoring is available off of Petit St Vincent

Things to do:

  • Swim
  • Snorkel
  • Visit Palm Beach Restaurant


  • No facilities for yachts are available