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Tobago Cays National Sea Park

The Tobago Cays are located in the Grenadines chain of islands, in the southernmost waters of the state of St Vincent and the Grenadines. Four of the Cays, Petit Rameau, Petit Bateau, Jamesby and Baradel, are enclosed within the aptly named Horseshoe Reef. The fifth Cay, Petit Tabac, lies just to the east of the main group.

Surrounding the islands are a series of reefs and shallows, including Egg Reef and Worlds End Reef on the eastern side, and Mayreu Gardens to the west. The Horseshoe Reef is teeming with coral and tropical fish of every kind. Known as a snorkellers paradise, the water depth here averages five to seven feet. Under the bright sunshine and the crystal clear waters, the bright colours provide the perfect conditions for observing marine life at its finest.

The afternoon sun that shines down on the white sand bottom and clear water turns the entire area bright emerald; a spectacular sight. On calm days, it is possible to anchor your boat just inside the reef, leaving it as the only obstacle between you and Africa.

Each island is uninhabited and just waiting to be explored. Beautiful white sandy beaches make great places to sit back, have a picnic and enjoy the day. Beach vendors do flit between the islands selling t-shirts, jewellery and even freshly caught lobsters. In the evenings, as the sun sets, you may even come across a beach barbeque. 



  • Moorings are available for a fee and there are future plans to add more
  • Charterers may anchor in one of several locations; the anchorages north and south of Baradel are the most popular

Things to do:

  • Snorkel
  • Swim
  • Sunbathe
  • Relax in unspoiled beauty
  • Observe the sea turtles at the sea turtle-watching area on Baradel
  • Contact one of the local dive companies to go scuba diving (diving on your own isn’t permitted)
  • Line up a vendor for a beach barbecue (beach barbecues are regulated to protect the park)


  • Entrepreneurial owners of small local boats often ply the anchorages, selling sundry items like ice, bread, and lobsters