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The mountainous granite terrain covered with emerald coconut plantations is perfect for exploring the natural flora and fauna of the island. From its peak the vista is breathtaking and you’ll get a stunning panoramic view of La Digue, Praslin and the surrounding islands. Back down on the beach, find yourself a secluded cove, kick off your sandals and feel the delicate sand between your toes. Pick a mango, banana, or orange and take a long lazy lunch under the green fingers of a palm before heading out into the water for some of the amazing snorkelling that this little tropical island is so famous for.

The vibrant underwater eco system that can be found thriving in this reef is teaming with colourful zebrafish, batfish, trumpet fish and sea turtles; and the eye-catching corals of brain and staghorn create a colourful kingdom of marine life just waiting for you to explore. After a relaxing castaway day head back to La Digue or Praslin for your overnight anchorage and watch the sunset with a well earned sundowner from the deck.



  • At anchor

Things to do

  • Top of the agenda for this island has to be relaxing
  • Find yourself a secluded cove and soak up sun of the warm Seychelles sun
  • For something a bit more active, you’ll find an amazing coral reef, rich with marine life for snorkelling and ashore the coconut plantations offer a great canopy under which to explore the islands flora and fauna