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Ile Aride

Take one of the guided tours around this vast breeding ground, and listen to tails of the sea bird that can dive to 30 metres, and if you’re lucky enough, meet one of the rare Seychelles Magpie Robins. With eighteen native bird species and ten different species of seabirds to be found, there’s a lot of bird spotting to be done.

Take a hike up the island to the northern coast where the dramatic granite cliffs give way to the glistening Indian Ocean. It’s no wonder the birds like it here the vista is breathtakingly spectacular. Watch as the magnificent Frigate birds glide past you at eye-level and see the swimming turtles below surface for air. Keep a look out for the resident pod of Bottlenose Dolphins too, as they playfully frolic in and out of the waves.

The reserve boundary extends 200m offshore, protecting the vibrant coral reef and rich marine life that can be found here. It’s  perfect for a spot of afternoon swimming, snorkelling or diving so make your way down to the shore, taking care to stay away from the turtle nesting sites, and after a relaxing lunch swim out into the warm crystal-clear waters and explore. This colourful underwater eco system is home to around 400 species of fish including Sailfish, Wahoo, Marlin and Whale Sharks. After a hard days sightseeing hop back aboard and sail off into the sunset to find a safe overnight anchorage. The naturally beautiful and unspoilt paradise of Aride will be one of the highlights of a cruise around the Seychelles.



  • You’ll find anchorage just offshore; island boats will meet you to transfer you to the reserve

Things to do

  • The island is one large nature reserve and home to many of the world’s rare and exotic birds and plant life
  • The reserves boundary extends to the colourful coral reef, where a swim, snorkel or dive here is a must