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Kobas Stonski Canal

The Kobas Stonski Canal is entered between Rt Veja (Veljara) to the south-west and Rt Pologrina (Grbljava) to the north-east, with the entrance identified by the white-painted metal tower light structure on Rt Pologrina. It is a long, narrow inlet with wooded slopes on both sides. In summer, the woods are alive with the sound of cicadas and the canal has a tranquil ambience. 

The canal leads to the historic town of Ston, where there is a quay. Along the way there is an anchorage at Kobas and a small harbour at Broce. The small cove at Kobas lies on the south side of the channel, hidden amongst the trees. The hamlet has been in existence since the Romans conquered this part of Croatia. When it was acquired by Dubrovnik in 1333 there was already a small shipyard here, but there is no longer any evidence of this. In summer Kobas is a popular stopover with flotillas and charters and is worth getting here reasonably early on your yacht charter here to ensure your space on the jetty – and your table at the only restaurant! 

Broce is a tiny picturesque village lying at the entrance to the marked channel that leads to Ston. Founded by the Dubrovnik republic in 1349, it used to be where the salt from the salt pans at Ston was loaded on to the boats that came to collect it for onward distribution. A pleasant stroll from the quay brings you three old chapels and the ruins of a 17th century Domincan monastery. The canal onwards from Broce to Ston may not be dredged as often as it should be so be sure to check on the current situations before proceeding onwards.



  • At Kobas, tie up bow- or stern-to the jetty if space allows. Alternatively anchor and take a line ashore.
  • The bottom is firm mud, with good holding. At Broce, tie bow- or stern-to one of the quays as space allows.

To Do:

  • Swim in the cove at Kobas
  • Visit the ruins at Broce


  • Restaurant at Kobas