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Sudrat Sipana

The small village and harbour of Sudurad lies on the south-east coast of the island of Sipna, the largest of the populated Elaphite Islands.  It’s an attractive village where nothing much happens – just the kind of place that you might be looking to visit on a Dubrovnik yacht charter. The tower in the village dates from 1577 and was built to protect the inhabitants from attacks by marauding pirates. 

There aren’t any pirates these days, thankfully – just a chilled village where you’ll receive a genuinely warm welcome from the locals. In the past there was a shipbuilding industry on the island, but these days the villagers are mainly dependent on agriculture and fishing. You can buy locally made wine, cheese and ham in the two shops on the island. The small island of Ruda lies just a kilometre (half a mile) off shore and there are good snorkelling and scuba-diving sites to explore..  



  • Bow or stern-to inside the harbour or, if there is room, on the village side of the new car ferry jetty. 
  • Alternatively you can anchor the west of the above-water rocks in 5 metres (16 feet) where the bottom is sand.

To Do:

  • Circumnavigate the island
  • Explore the interior of the island on foot or by bike
  • Snorkelling and scuba-diving


  • Provisions including fresh fish
  • Restaurant