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Piskera Kornati

Piskera is one of the southernmost islands in the Kornati archipelago and the Marina Piskera is sheltered from the worst of the winds by the offshore island Panitula Vela. In the past, Piksera and Panitula Vela were important centres for fishing and when the Venetians controlled the Kornati Islands, they had a customs post here for taxing the fish catch.

The customs house was burnt to the ground by Uskok pirates but the storehouse in the village built for salting fish still stands and the village church dates from 1560.  The Kornati islands have a unique beauty that draws yachts-people and other visitors to them, returning time and again. The landscape has a strange, lunar quality and the sea is crystal clear. The islands are mostly rocky, comprised of shell limestone and covered with only a thin layer of grass. In the past, the islands were forested but the trees were destroyed by fires started by shepherds to increase grazing for their animals. Vineyards, figs and olives are cultivated but the landscape is generally bare. 

There are no longer any permanent inhabitants of the islands, with the few houses only occupied in the summer months by fishermen. The Kornati Islands have the status of a national park, which means that there are various restrictions in force. Despite these restrictions, visitors on a Piskera Kornati yacht charter are allowed to fish with a permit and to scuba-dive in groups organised by one of the recognised dive centres.  Walking and hiking is restricted to marked paths.



  • The marina can only be entered from the south east as the channel to the north is shallow and obstructed by rocks. 
  • Berth bow or stern-to as directed, depths range from 3 – 5 metres (9 – 16 feet) within the anchorage and 1.5 – 3 metres (4 – 9 feet) at the pontoons.

To Do:

  • Explore the Kornati Islands National Park


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