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Palaia Epidavros

Epidavros is the most important monument in an area that is crammed with important monuments and a visit here is a real highlight of a Palaia-Epidavros yacht charter.

Rediscovered in the nineteenth century, the world-famous white-limestone Epidavros amphitheatre was built in the 4th century BC to seat 15,000 spectators and it is still used in the summer months to stage classical dramas by Sophocles, Euripides and Aeschylus being performed on Friday and Saturday nights from June until the end of August.  It is well worth planning ahead to book tickets for one of these performances – even if you don’t understand the modern Greek in which they are performed. The acoustics at Epidavros are exceptional and it is said that from the top row seats you can hear a piece of paper rustle or a coin drop way below in the orchestra pit.

The theatre is just one part of what was one of the most important sanctuaries – a spa, in effect - in the ancient world, dedicated to Asklepios, the god of healing and legendary son of Apollo, and has been a site of pilgrimage from the sixth century BC until Roman times. It is now a World Heritage site and restoration and reconstruction work is underway. Set in a wooded valley thick with the scent of thyme and pine, the Asklepina sanctuary is as large a site as Olympia and Delphi and visitors are able to see the ruins of hospitals, hotels and amusements built to be enjoyed by the fashionable visitors to the spa in ancient times.

Palaia-Epidavros is the closest beach resort to Epidavros and an ideal place at which to base yourself to explore the wonders of the site. The town has some ruins of its own – there’s a small theatre which stages musical shows in the summer months and also some open Mycenean tombs.  The town has a beach and a number of tavernas located around the harbour.



  • Stern-to on the town quay

To Do:

  • Visit Epidavros World Heritage Site


  • Bars and restaurants