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Poros is a cosmopolitan island with a host of dockside cafes and tavernas. As you approach the town you’ll sail through the narrow channel that separates the island from the mainland.

At its narrowest this is only 300 metres (330 yards) wide and locals claim to remember a time when you could walk across. Poros is in fact made up of two islands – Sferia (Poros Town) and the larger Kalavria – separated by a narrow canal. The central waterfront of Poros Town is taken up with cafes, bars and souvenir shops with a few tavernas.  The best are on or about the square near the town hall and the museum.

The most famous night-club on the island is Poseidon, located on a hillside in Kalavria and looking down over the town. It opens at 1pm and keeps going until the small hours – better get into training now!

Explore the coastline of the island on your Poros yacht charter heading west from Poros Town. The first worthwhile stop is the beach at Megalo Neorio with watersports facilities and a few good tavernas. Pull in to Monastiriou, one of the island’s less crowded beaches, and head ashore to visit the eighteenth century monastery of Zoodhohou.

The island’s interior is pine-forested and barely inhabited but there are magnificent panoramic views to be enjoyed by those who wish to hire scooters and explore.  From Vayionia, a tiny harbour with a small beach, you can walk up to the sixth century BC Temple of Poseidon, where Demosthenes, fleeing from the Macedonians after taking part in final resistance of the Athenians, took poison rather than surrender.



  • Stern-to on the southern side of the port in Poros Town.

To Do:

  • Visit the Temple of Poseidon
  • Hire a scooter and explore the island
  • Visit nightclubs


  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Provisions
  • Water
  • Fuel
  • Showers and toilets