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The small island of Rinia lies just to the west of Mykonos and is adjacent to the historic island of Delos – ‘The Brilliant’ – birthplace of the heavenly twins Artemis and Apollo and site of a wealthy ancient Athenian town that reached its zenith during the second and third centuries BC, after being declared a free port by its Roman overlords. A Rinia yacht charter is an opportunity to explore the site of ancient Delos and absorb some of its history, myth and legend.

Controlling the Sanctuary of Apollo, located on Delos, the city of Athens attempted to ‘purify’ the island first by emptying its graves and then decreeing that no one was allowed to die or give birth there; the sick and pregnant were taken to the neighbouring island of Rinia. Later, the native population was simply banished. Climb the marble steps that lead to the Sanctuary of Apollo to visit the three Temples to Apollo, the earliest dating from the 6th century BC, before heading to the Sanctuary of Dionysos and its marble phalluses on tall pillars.

Replicas of the island’s famous lean and hungry lions now stand where the originals were once located – some of the originals are in the island’s museum along with a collection of phallic artefacts that will appeal to everyone. Delos’ residential area is known as the Theatre Quarter, where impressive mosaics were fully restored. On Rinia itself could be found a common grave, containing the bones and funerary offerings taken from the graves that were emptied on Delos as part of the purification process, the contents of which can be seen in the museum on Mykonos. Later it was primarily a burial island and the remains of numerous graves and sarcophaguses can still be seen. Kasaris and Geralis are the two principal ports on Rinia.

The beach at Agia Triada has fine yellow sand and crystal clear waters, while the coastline of Rinia is dotted with numerous other lovely little coves which can only be accessed from the water. These beaches never get crowded and a stop-over at Rinia is a chance to get away and relax in supremely tranquil and beautiful surroundings.



  • Stern-to on the quay at Kasaris and Geralis. Numerous quiet anchorages around the coastline.

To Do:

  • Visit the ancient city of Delos.