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Port Leone Yacht Charters

A Port Leone yacht charter allows you to visit the abandoned village of Port Leone, a large, deep bay on the southern shore of Kalamos. The village has been deserted since the earthquake of 1953 which destroyed Port Leone’s water supply.

The locals left the village for good rather than re-build it, perhaps fearful that it would happen again, and moved away to the mainland or further afield.  The church remains in good repair and every Sunday, a few people come from Kalamos village to check the oil in the lamps, put fresh flowers in the vases and clean the little church.

Port Leone is lent a poignant air by the ruined houses and abandoned olive press. It is a special place of peace and quiet, worthy of a stop.



  • There is space for a few yachts to go bows-to on the short stone jetties with a long line ashore but if there is no room you will be anchoring in 10 – 15 metres (33 – 50 feet) of water.
  • The bottom is sand, mud and weed and the holding is good.  

To Do:

  • Explore the deserted village.


  • One taverna/bar.