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Vathi, the main port and the capital of the island of Meganissi and of Ithaca, is a picturesque fishing harbour known for a few good tavernas, a couple of shops and not much else bar its traditional charm.

The Rose Garden serves what’s considered to be the very best taramasalata to be found in these parts (the last time we were there, a large party of Greek Orthodox priests in full regalia was tucking into a huge feast at The Rose Garden) and Yeorgiou’s has great fresh fish (try the octopus – it’s fantastic!).

There are pleasant walks to be taken through the olive groves to the east of the village and there’s a small playground for children. The metropolis (ha!) of Vathi is an ideal stop-over on a Vathi boat charter after a lazy day spent swimming or snorkelling in one of the nearby bays such as Abeliki or Kapali.

Vathi is close to the Onassis-owned twin islands of Skorpios and Skorpidhi, which Aristotle Onassis bought in the 1960s. You cannot set foot on the Islands, but you can sail around them and there are a few anchorages off their shores.When Onassis himself was there he never slept on the island, preferring the comfort of his yacht , the Christina. 

There is a little ‘beach hut’ on the south-west shore of the island that Jackie Onassis had built for herself so that she could swim in the crystal clear waters of the cove. Onassis and his two children are both buried on the island, which is now owned by Aristotle’s granddaughter Athine and is still carefully maintained.



  • At Vathi, stern or bows-to mooring on the harbour wall where you can find space.  

To Do:

  • Walk through the olive groves
  • Sail by Onassis’ private islands


  • Water (can be turned off in summer)
  • Provisions
  • Tavernas