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Lakka Paxos

The Island of Paxos lies seven miles (11 km) south of Corfu. It is a small island, only 5 miles long and 2 ½ miles wide (8 by 4 km), with a permanent population of barely two thousand people, a good number of whom are ex-pat Brits who discovered the island back in the sixties and never went home.  

The sea here is picture-postcard perfect with stunning clear blue and green waters set against a backdrop of the dull sheen of olive grove upon olive grove set against grey, eroded rocks with the occasional cypress tree sticking up.

On Paxos, the locals are so proud of their olive oil that they are convinced that Harrod’s sells only olive oil from Paxos (please don’t wreck their buzz by telling them that this is not strictly true). Lakka is a large bay located at the northern end of Paxos that is popular with visiting charterers, as well as dinghy sailors and windsurfers. The village sits at the head of the bay, a cluster of tiled roofs atop pastel painted walls.

In summer, the quayside is a noisy and bustling place, somewhere that you might feel tempted to grab a pitch at one of the many cafes or tavernas and spend a few hours observing life going on with a glass of something cold in front of you. In the morning, take a trip around to the western side of the island where there are impressive sea caves eroded into the cliffs, supposedly a Greek submarine sheltered here in World War II.



  • Anchor where convenient in the middle of the bay or anchor and take a long line ashore in the north west corner of the bay.  Alternatively, bows-to on the town quay if there is room.  The bottom is sand and weed with good holding.

To Do:

  • Windsurfing
  • Rent jet-skis


  • Water (may be turned off in high summer)
  • Provisions
  • Bars and tavernas