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Port Athene Yacht Charters

Port Athene is the large port on the north-eastern side of Greece’s Meganissi island. It is a quiet, pleasant spot surrounded by olive trees. It tends to be busier during the day than it is at night, but is only ever crowded in July and August and ‘crowded’ is something of a relative term in this part of the world.

There is one taverna here, Niagas, which is well liked by visiting sailors and usually has a good selection of fresh fish. You can go into the kitchen and pick your own from the selection that the owner will show you.

Inland, the village of Katomeri is about half an hour’s walk away and has a few shops and tavernas. Don’t forget to bring a torch for the walk home if you’re planning to visit at night on your Port Athene yacht charter! The swimming and snorkelling are good here, particularly on the west side of the cove.



  • There may be room to moor stern or bows-to on the quay that runs around the head of the bay. Alternatively, anchor in the cove on the west and take a long line ashore. It is deep here – up to 20 metres (65 ft) but the water is beautifully translucent over the sand and rock bottom. The water in the east side of the cove is no less clean but is murkier when the fine silt on the bottom is stirred up.  

To do:

  • Swim and snorkel


  • Water
  • Provisions
  • Taverna