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You may think your navigation skills have deserted you when you get to the tiny Island of Panarea. Its whitewashed houses make s the Island feel more like Greece than Italy! Exclusive and stylish, Panarea is the smallest and most chic of the Aeolian Islands, it is only 3.4 km2 , attracting the international jet-set and the great and the good of the Milan fashion industry.

Year-round the population of Panarea barely reaches the three hundred figure, but its ranks swell in the summer months. Among the many attractions of the island is the wonderful beach at La Spiaggetta. There is no better place for an afternoon of swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling. Hikers will enjoy the walking trails around the fumaroles at the northern tip of the island, where steam still rises up out of the earth as evidence that all volcanic activity has not entirely subsided. In Punta Milazzese, half an hour’s walk from the port, you will find the remains of a Bronze Age village dating from 1500 BC, there is a lovely anchorage just to the east if you prefer to make the trip by boat.

A couple of nautical miles off the coast of Panarea is the rocky outcrop of Basiluzzo, rising 490 feet above the surface of the water. Alternately, you can visit the remains of an ancient Roman pier and dockyard, where by climbing to the summit, your efforts will be rewarded by stunning views out over the Tyrrhenian Sea. After a couple of excursions, though, pull out your finery and head into the village of San Pietro for some fine-dining and a sophisticated nightlife.



  • Except in easterly winds when Panarea is best avoided, stern on the pier at Contrada san Pietro or in front of Club Raya if there is room. Alternatively, anchor to the north of the pier keeping clear of laid moorings. The bottom is sand with reasonable holding.
  • There are anchorages at Punta Millazzese and Cala Junco. Dinghy dockage is available.

To Do:

  • Hang out with the cool crowd
  • Enjoy sophisticated restaurants and nightlife
  • Visit the Bronze Age village at Punta Milazzese


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  • Provisions