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Stromboli is Europe’s biggest active volcano after Etna.  It is a 924 metre high lava mountain which dramatically drops down 2000 metres below sea-level.  By day you can see the smoke of the peak joining the steam rising from the water and at night from the water you can see the red hot flow descending towards the sea.There are two small villages on opposite sides of the volcano and Stromboli has the blackest beaches of all the Aeolian Islands.  There is no quay anchorage at the port where the ferries and boats come in however there good buoy anchorage on the west side of the harbour and water and fuel are available.There is good anchorage for the day only in front of the beautiful port of Ginostra.  To the east side of the quay there is a spectacular black beach however anchorage is restricted.  
There is also goodanchorage south of Ginostra.  The sea depth ranges from 100-1000 metres so extra care must be taken.  It is a very nice walk from the port to the town’s piazza where there are excellent restaurants, bars and clubs. The contrast of black rock with traditional white houses makes Stomboli a truly magical place.  The cuisine is a fantastic mix of Neapolitan and Sicilian foods and the traditional sweet cannoli must be tried in Stromboli.  A 30 minute walk will take you to an Observatory and restaurant with fabulous views of the eruptions of the volcano.  We suggest an organised tour for a visit to the volcanic area.  From Stromboli sailing towards Panarea we suggest a stop at the island of Basiluzzo.  Basiluzzo is uninhabited and a fantastic place for swimming,snorkelling and fishing.  There is also nearby the beautiful small islands of Lisca Blanca, Dattilo and Lisca Nera.  These are all good places to stay for a day as overnight anchorage is not recommended.  

Things to do: Visit active volcanoes, restaurants, bars and club
Facilities: water, fuel