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The Island of Vulcano has a tranquil, steaming and unspoilt landscape. It is popular with Italian people who gather here to enjoy its therapeutic mud baths, hot springs and beach of black and volcanic sand. The southernmost of the Aeolian Islands, Vulcano, is composed of several extinct and one active craters. After you dock your yacht at Porto di Levante, walk to the right along the lungomare to reach the mud baths, hidden behind a small hill.

The facilities are all centred around Porto di Levante and the Black Sand Beach (Spiaggia Sabbia) near Porto di Ponente. The Laghetto di Fanghi is a large mud-pit of smelly gloop said to work wonders on arthritis, rheumatism and skin problems. Afterwards bathe in the warm sea water pools heated by underground springs. Another major attraction in Vulcano is the trek up the Fossa di Vulcano. It will take you approximately an hour to reach the crater’s edge, however the sight of the steaming crater encrusted with red and yellow crystals makes the effort worthwhile. You can then either take a steep path down to the crater floor, or walk on the level around the rim and enjoy extraordinary views out over the islands to the north. A small volcano museum can be found on the island.

In terms of water-based activity, the bays on the south and northwest sides of the Island are perfect for swimming and snorkelling, or even scuba-diving. Alternately a visit to the nearby Island of Stromboli and its active volcano is a great day out on a Vulcano yacht charter. Stromboli has a reputation for fantastic food, so make sure you get there with an appetite!



  • Stern-to on the quay at Port di Levante in 3 – 5 metres where there is good holding on sand. 
  • At Porto di Ponente there are better onshore facilities and you can anchor in 5 – 10 metres where convenient.
  • The holding in coarse sand can be tricky.  There are a few nice anchorages around the coast of the island – at Cala del Formaggio, Cala di Maestro Minico, Cala del Cavallo and at Gelso.

To Do:

  • Trek up to Gran Cratere
  • Visit the mud baths
  • Facilities:
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Provisions