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Cateran Bay

Sailing north from Chalkies Beach you’ll come across the small mountainous island of Border. Navigate your way around to the northern point where you’ll find the stunning expanse of Cateran Bay. With lush green slopes of eucalypt forest trailing down towards golden sands and a fantastic underwater kingdom teaming with marine life just waiting to be explored, it’s easy to see why this beautiful island has been designated a ‘Green Zone’ and the reef is fully protected from fishing and anchoring.

Boasting to be one of the best snorkelling spots in the Whitsundays archipelago, the coral shelf that surrounds the northern end of the island has many canyons to explore and a myriad of fish and colourful coral to see. Untroubled by man the fish are inquisitive so expect to get up close and personal with schools of red snappers, graceful butterfly and angelfish; and where the shelf drops away into a vertical wall of coral, larger fish of Maori wrasse, rays and reef sharks. But keep an eye out for the beautiful but dangerous box jellyfish that invade these waters in the summer months. If you fancy trying something a little deeper then diving along the outer edges of the bay is a truly exhilarating experience with plenty of caves and overhanging ledges for investigation.

After a morning spent enjoying the underwater treasures, head ashore for some relaxation. Take the worthwhile hike through the lush green bush to the highest peak for magnificent views back out across to Whitsunday Island and beyond. Slowly wander back down to the sandy spit for an early evening al-fresco meal before heading back onboard for another peaceful nights rest.



  • You can anchor right off the beach at Cateran Bay

Things to do:

  • The protected reef is well developed and excellent for snorkelling and scuba diving.
  • Take the worthwhile trek up to the highest peak for amazing views back towards Whitsunday Island and beyond.
  • Round the day off with a leisurely evening meal on the sandy spit


  • There are no facilities available for yachts