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Goldsmith Island

Goldsmith is the largest island in a group of continental islands off Mackay. Goldsmith is in fact a  beautiful  National Park, with low open woodlands and eucalypt forest, and grass trees forming backdrop to the rocky coastline. There is a great choice of long sandy beaches to take a stroll or chill out on, on the northern and western side of the island which are lined with pretty casuarinas and pandanus.

The island is surrounded by a fringing coral reef, making the island fantastic and easily accessible spot for snorkelling the reef and fishing. Access to the island is by private charter or own boat. The island does have basic facilities such as picnic tables, toilets and drinking water.


Approaching Goldsmith from the north, you may encounter overfalls between Locksmith Island and the northern end of the island, particularly in fresh wind-against-tide conditions. Watch out for scattered boomies off the north-west corener of the island; give it a decent berth. Approaching from the south, do not attempt passage between Goldsmith and the Ingot Islets nor between the Ingot Islets themselves.


Roylen Bay

Depth: 2.5 - 4 metres

Bottom: Sand and coral

Watch out for scattered bommies along the edge of the reef. There is a national park campsite and toilet in the bush beyond this excellent beach.

Minne Hall Bay

Depth: 6-9metres

Bottom: Mud and coral

A snug anchorage with room for about 3 yachts. Wear your 'Polaroids' to pick up the reef edge, and tuck into the gap in the reef to get out of current sweeping through the passage between Farrier and Goldsmith.

Southern Bay

Depth: 5-9metres

Bottom: Sand and coral

The reef extends a long way out from the sand beach; approach with care. Because this anchorage is exposed to the south, it is not a good overnight anchorage from April to August/September when southerly winds may arrive in the middle of the night and put you on a lee shore. It is a good anchorage, alive with reef life that seldom sees a human.