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Port Bourayne Huahine

Located east of Raiatea, the island of Huahine is made up of two isles separated by a few hundred yards of glistening water. Joined by a small bridge and, at low tide, a thin ribbon of sand spit, these islands are of great contrasts. Mountainous and wild to the north with secluded, calm bays to the south. The adjoining bridge has itself become a tourist favourite due to its resident Scared Tahitian Eels.

These giant eels can range anywhere from three-six feet long and will gladly swim up close for a can of mackerel.  Port Bourayne itself lies on the southern island, no longer a working port, today it’s a beautiful large bay, which is well protected from the elements and offers a good overnight anchorage and starting point from which to discover the islands secrets.

Often referred to as the ‘Wild Island’ due to its mountainous and mainly inaccessible landscape, the rich agricultural land is used to grow vanilla, copra and watermelon and the heavenly aromas, which fill the isle will intoxicate your senses as you step ashore and explore. Take the worthwhile hike up to Eden Parc, an eco-botanical fruit garden, where you can not only admire but sample fantastic organic smoothies and juices made from every kind of fruit imaginable. Here you’ll also find Three Bay’s rock, a stunning viewpoint from which you can take in the panoramic vistas of the islands three bays; Fiti, Maroe and Bourayne.

After all that fresh air, it’s time to head back to the beach and find a secluded spot under a swaying palm for a long lunch before sampling the bays swimming and snorkelling opportunities. After a hard day’s relaxing, go back onboard for another peaceful nights rest in paradise.




  • Anchor in the bay, or just outside near the point

Things to do:

  • Swimming
  • Snorkelling
  • Relaxing

These are all high on the agenda. But for the more energetic take the worthwhile hike to Eden Parc and Three Bay’s viewpoint for a stunning panoramic vista out across the island.


There are no facilities available for yachts