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This privately owned eco-resort offers a little piece of paradise away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Known for its pristine white-sand beaches, Eueiki boasts a coastline fringed with swaying palms, dramatic limestone cliffs and interesting rock formations, which rise majestically out of the turquoise waters and back towards the picture perfect beaches.

Surrounded by a large colourful coral garden, the snorkelling here is superb and you can expect to find octopus, sea urchins and shy clown fish. If you’re looking to spot something larger than a starfish then you’ve come to the right place.

Situated in the heart of the Humpback Whales breeding area it’s the only place in Tonga where you might be lucky enough to swim alongside one of nature’s most magnificent creatures. Protected by the warm, tranquil and deep-water passages you’ll find the Humpbacks Whales frequenting the island between July and October every year.

Ashore, take the time to explore the rich lush tropical rainforest where nature lovers will be able to walk amidst papaya, mango, lime and other exotic fruit trees. Keep your eyes open for the indigenous Flying Fox and Tongan Whistler as you make your way back down to beach in search of the resorts exquisite restaurant. Here you’ll find tasty international cuisine and a well stocked bar, perfect for taking a moment out to relax with a well-deserved rum punch.


Moorings are privately owned by the resort and its best to request permission to use them prior to arrival

Things to do
  • Hike across the island in search of the indigenous Flying Fox and Tongan Whistler.
  • Snorkel amongst the beautiful coral reefs and if you’re lucky get the chance to swim with one of nature’s most magnificent creatures, the Humpback Whale.
  • Take the opportunity to dine ashore at the resorts international restaurant.

There are no facilities available for yachts