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On a yacht charter to Kenutu you will find a beautiful island that offers seclusion and isolation amidst a tropical oasis on the South Pacific horizon. Overgrown with lush green vegetation and trees, the small path from the southern end of the island guides you to the peak viewpoint, where you’ll get expansive and impressive views out over the South Pacific Ocean. Look down and you’ll see the frolicking white surf crashing against the dramatic limestone cliffs. As you descend over to the ocean side of the island, take the opportunity to discover the many caverns and blowholes found here.

Back out on the water you’ll find some good snorkelling amidst the sparkling turquoise waters right off the beach.  Further out, the exposed coral reef offers an excellent chance for the more experienced diver to explore the rich kingdom of aquatic life. At low tide a large area of the reef dries out making it the perfect spot for admiring shellfish and other reef dwellers.

Head back to the beach again and find the aptly named Berlin Beach Bar. Owned by a German lady and her Tongan husband, this rustic restaurant retreat has been made famous by the visiting sailors who love to sample the great mix of authentic local specialties and European influenced cuisine. From freshly caught fried fish dinners to German curry, Wurst and homemade bread, the menu is eclectic but altogether delicious. The bar also boasts that due to Kenutu’s easterly geographical location you can truly experience the first sundowners of any day. So take a cocktail in one hand and sit back and revel at being the first person to toast the setting of the sun.



Navigate through the deep-water channel towards Kenutu Beach for the best anchorage

Things to do
  • Explore the island by foot; hike up to the viewpoint for impressive views out over the ocean.
  • Enjoy the excellent diving and snorkelling opportunities from the beach.
  • Take to your kayak and explore the neighbouring islands of Umuna and Faioa to the north.
  • And don’t forget to sample the tasty delights and welcoming hospitality awaiting you at islands Berlin Beach Bar.

There are no facilities available for yachts