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Neiafu, the capital of Vava’u, has been described as one of the most picturesque towns in the South Pacific, and it’s not hard to see why. Nestled amongst the surrounding limestone cliffs, this charming town offers a rich insight into Tongan culture and the opportunity to experience some of its treasures. The beautiful and aptly named Port of Refuge harbour plays host to yachts from all over the world. The surrounding waterside caters well for its international guests, with a wealth of bars and restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, from local Tongan specialities to Italian, Thai and Spanish.

A yacht charter from Neiafu provides the perfect opportunity to stock up on provisions and souvenirs, so take the time to stroll around its local markets where you can purchase fresh papayas, mandarins, mangos, pineapples, vegetables and other root crops. It’s also the ideal chance to sample some of the locally caught fresh fish and sea delicacies. Keep an eye out for some of the beautiful handicrafts made by the Tongan people, one of the local traditions here is to pound and paint tapa cloth which is then used for everything from clothing to wall decorations.

Head further inland and take the worthwhile trek up to Mt Talau National Park. Standing at just over 131 metres high, this limestone plateau offers superb views out over the Port of Refuge and the Vava’u archipelago. The forest is home to many interesting fauna including the rare Fokai, an iguana only found on a few of the Tongan islands. You’ll also see a number of beautiful birds, such as the fruit dove and Pacific pigeon. Don’t forget to keep your eyes out for the Tongan Flying Fox, which is the only native Tongan animal.

Just before sundown head back to the harbour for an evening cocktail or two as you plan your next days sailing adventure.



You can moor within the marina.

Things to do
  • Take a hike up to Mt Talau National Park for its superb views out across the Vava’u islands.
  • Visit the local markets for provisioning and souvenirs and take the opportunity to dine out at the harbour side in one the many eclectic bars and restaurants.

Within the marina you’ll find water, fuel, ice, phone and fax, a laundry and showers. There is also a provisioning store.