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Koh Hong

Koh Hong or ‘Room Island’ is part of a group of islands one hour north of Krabi, often visited on a Koh Hong yacht charter.  It is the largest island in the group with great hollows inside, resembling a hall or room.  Its name comes from an eroded group of caves in the middle of the island containing a large lake with a small passage to the sea.  With high tide, long tail boats are able to enter the ‘room’ and visitors can swim around in crystal clear water.

Koh Hong’s only beach, the beautiful Pelay Beach, boasts fine white sand, coral and is surrounded by limestone rock formations which give it the feel of a room.  The island contains coral formations in both shallow and deep water and offers a ‘desert island’ experience due to the limited number of visitors who make the journey.  Sheltered sea conditions make the island perfect for families, and a great year-round destination.



  • No moorings are available, however, two anchorages are located at Koh Hong Krabi on the north and south sides of the island.
  • There's a good anchorage at nearby Koh Pak Bia, off the west side of the island.

Things to do

  • Enjoy the beautiful beach
  • Diving and swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Consider planning a longtail boat tour to James Bond Island


  • Small restaurant on the island
  • No facilities for yachts are available