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Level 0 Sailing Courses - Sunsail Flotilla Training Course


We left feeling perfectly prepared

Overview - Give us a summary of your time with Sunsail?

Was confident about sailing, but wanted to be refreshed in the dark arts of mooring, reversing, man over board, etc. This was what the course did brilliantly. There was plenty of time to mess things up (safely), so we won't have to when we are on flotilla on our own.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Yachts - What was the best thing about your yacht?

It was 7 feet longer than I thought I could afford The last time I'd sailed in flotilla (not Sunsail) was in a 30'. This was 37' Anyone who's sailed much knows that those 7 feet make a world of difference.

Tips - Do you have any advice for fellow Sunsail guests visiting this destination?

Highlights - What were the most memorable experiences of your holiday and where on your itinerary did they happen?

Sitting in Cowes marina on a night that was almost Mediterranean having drinks and supper on board Rescuing a 'fender over board' with the minimum of fuss

Richard Storey,