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Belize Yacht Charter


Important information

To sail in Belize without a skipper, you must fill out this application to obtain a temporary Certificate of Competency and send it along with a color copy of your passport. Your application will be submitted to the Belizean Port Authorities. This temporary Certificate of Competency is required for all bareboat charters in Belize.

Download the Temporary Certificate of Competency

Bringing you even more choice of charter destinations, Belize is a small country in northern part of Central America and is just slightly larger than Wales. To the north is Mexico and to the west is Guatemala.

Belize is one of the few remaining, unspoilt destinations on earth and due to its incredible Mesoamerican reef that stretches approximately 350 nautical miles from the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula down along the Belizean coast, it is a charter destination not to be over looked - truly is a tropical paradise.

If you are looking for a great choice of restaurants, bars and nightlife, then this is not the place for you however if you want to spend most of your time doing your own thing, in some of the quietest and most beautiful surroundings on earth then this really ticks the box.

  • Kayak up Monkey River
  • Relaxed tradewind sailing
  • One of the world’s largest barrier reefs
  • Outstanding snorkelling
  • Tropical paradise
  • Rich cultural heritage with Mayan Ruins

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Sailing in Belize

Trade winds blow along the coast and on the cays most of the year, keeping temperatures pleasant, even in the hottest months, except for a few weeks, generally around mid-August through to mid-September.

The dry season lasts from November to May; the rainy season is typically June to November. Waves inside the reef are minimal but the breeze is fresh, creating outstanding sailing conditions.  Water temperature averages between 26 - 28ºC (79 - 83ºF) , with minimal tide.

What's included

To make sure that you get the most out of your Belize Yacht Charter, we have equipped all of our yachts with all the highest specification kit to help provide comfort, performance and fun onboard; so all that’s left for you to do is relax and enjoy your sailing holiday with family and friends.

Belize Highlights

Belize is a totally unspoilt getaway.  Kayak along sandy islets, snorkel through translucent seas, investigate ancient civilizations and soak up the warm welcome you will receive from the locals.

  • Lagoon Cay

    With the picturesque Belizean coast stretching out before you across the brilliant turquoise waters, sail down the easy broad reach of the Inner Channel and onto Lagoon Cay. This unique horseshoe shaped island spans 13 acres and its deep protected lagoon offers some of the best anchorage in the area. Once you’re at anchor, take to your kayak and off you go.

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  • Placencia Lagoon

    Lying behind the long narrow sandy Placencia Peninsula you’ll find Placencia Lagoon, home to Sunsail's new base. Its a long, almost land locked estuary with rich sea grass beds and mangrove-fringed forests that are home to the endangered manatees.

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  • South Water Cay

    Cruising northeast from Wippari Cay, head up the Inner Channel to the Blue Ground Range. Practice your shallow water navigation skills as you travel between patch reefs, finally reaching South Water Cay.

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  • Wippari Cay

    Lying northeast of Placencia is the beautiful Cay of Wippari. With its calm waters and gentle tropical breeze, it’s easy to unwind and adjust to the slow rhythms of island life here. Choose yourself a mooring and spend a lazy day discovering this island pleasures.

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