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Seychelles Bareboat Yacht Charter

From towering granite islands to shimmering coral isles, from seabird colonies to nesting green turtles and from silver surf to powdery white beaches – the natural and visual pleasures that await sailors on a Seychelles yacht charter are many and varied. 

There are two UNESCO world heritage sites in the islands – the Vallee de Mai is home to the rare protected Coco-de-Mer palm, a tree that was originally thought to grow at the bottom of the sea. The sailors who first saw the nuts floating in the sea thought that they resembled a woman’s disembodied buttocks! European nobles in the sixteenth century had the shells of these nuts cleaned and decorated with valuable jewels and they were much prized as collectibles.

Aldabra, the largest raised coral atoll in the world, is a spectacular nature reserve that is a refuge for many endangered species, including the giant tortoise and the last flightless bird species in the Indian Ocean – the white throated flightless rail.

The Seychelles also have a rich cultural heritage and a Seychelles sailing holiday is the ideal way to explore a country that remains a fascinating blend of influences from Asian, East Africa and South Asia coupled with the legacy of empire-builders from Holland, France and Britain.

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