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Bareboat Tonga Yacht Charter Itineraries and Maps

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Our base is located in Neiafu, the capital of Vava’u and is the ideal starting point for exploring the archipelago of fifty luscious islands on an unforgettable Tongan sailing vacation. Unbeatable diving and snorkeling, combined with lush forests and golden sandy beaches await, as you sail from island to island, relaxing and taking in the wildlife and sealife that can be found in abundance.

There are no set itineraries set this destination. Please refer to the map below for points of interest.

Day 1: Vava’u

Depart from our base and navigate your way through the idyllic Tongan islands and head south west towards Hunga Island.

Day 2: Hunga Island

Once you arrive you will find several excellent beaches and a restaurant serving fresh local cuisine for you to indulge in. This huge lagoon formed by the crater of an extinct volcano, makes an excellent spot for swimming and snorkeling.

Day 3: Vaka'eitu

Sail to Vaka’eitu, for its picturesque anchorage and peaceful surroundings.

Day 4: Nuku, Kapa Island

At Mariner’s cave on Kapa Island you can snorkel through the heart-shaped entrance into a mystical, blue-lit cavern. Kapa Island also has an intriguing multicolored chamber big enough to take a dinghy inside.

Day 5: Maninita

As you sail through the V-shaped passage towards the pretty island of Maninita, expect to find an inlet fringed with a white-sand beach which is out of this world, on an island which is identifiable for being densely covered with the majestic Puko tree.

Day 6: Mafana

Mafana Island is ideal for kitesurfing, kayaking, swimming, and snorkelling because of its calm and crystal clear waters.

Day 7: Taunga

Make your way around this archipelago back towards base, stopping off at Taunga Island which offers many hiking paths as well as beautiful beaches and excellent snorkelling.