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Sunsail Yacht Racing - Notice of Race

Sunsail Racing Series for Sunsail Sunfast 37 yachts

Organising authority Portsmouth Harbour Yacht Club

Notice of Race

1.1.    Racing is open to all competitors who have paid their charter and entrance fee to Sunsail.
1.2.    All competitors must fill in the booking form and return no later than two weeks before the event. Details of skipper and one nominated crew members sailing CV along with a security deposit against damage, needs to be completed for bareboat charters.

Dates of races
2.1.    Sunreg 1      6th & 7th March               Sat HW 1514 4.3 – Sun HW 1600 4.0     Curry Night
2.2.    Sunreg 2      20th & 21st March            Sat HW 1352 4.3 – Sun HW 1429 4.3    
2.3.    Sunreg 3      27th & 28th March            Sat HW 0846 4.2 – Sun HW 0941 4.5    
2.4.    Sunreg 4      17th & 18th July                Sat HW 1530 4.7 – Sun HW 1619 4.5    Hog Roast
2.5.    Sunreg 5      21st & 22nd August          Sat HW 0916 4.1 – Sun HW 1004 4.3    BBQ
2.6.    Sunreg 6      25th & 26th September    Sat HW 1214 4.6 – Sun HW 1244 4.6     Hog Roast
2.7.    Sunreg 7      9th & 10th October           Sat HW 1159 5.1  - Sun HW 1242 5.0    Curry Night
2.8.    Sunreg 8      16th & 17th October         Sat HW 0540 3.8 – Sun HW 0711 3.9    Crew Stew
2.9.    Final             6th November                   HW 1052 5.0                                          Curry Night

3.1.    Catering is not included in the Charter price or Race Entry Fee.  
3.2.    PHYC at Port Solent hosts a Pre Race Party Night every Friday of the Sunreg series.  Live music will be played throughout the evening and a variety of themed meal nights (SEE SCHEDULE ABOVE) will be available to participants at £7.50 a head.  We advise you to pre book your table.
3.3.    Bacon rolls for the Saturday morning can be ordered in advance.
3.4.    Full catering packages are available.
3.5.    Any catering can be arranged by contacting the Event Co-ordinator.

4.1.    Crew Clothing is not included.  
4.2.    Waterproofs are available at a charge of £6 per day.
4.3.    Team Clothing may be ordered in advance from your Event Co-ordinator.

5.1.    0-15 Entries – 2 finalists
5.2.    16-25 entries – 3 finalists
5.3.    26 + entries – 4 finalists
The qualified skipper and crew will be the same for the final

6.1.    The Low Point scoring system of RRS Appendix A will apply to the series.
6.2.    Should all four races be sailed the worst result will be discarded. Should three races or less be sailed then all races will count.

7.    PRIZES
7.1.    Prizes will be awarded for the series
7.2.    1st Prize – Free Entry into Round the Island Race 2011
7.3.    2nd Prize – Free Entry into One Weekend of the Sunsail Racing Series 2011
7.4.    3rd Prize – One day charter on Sunfast 37
7.5.    Prizes will be awarded at the prize giving after the Finals on Saturday 6th November

8.1.    Sailing instructions will be available at the Sunsail Reception with handover of yachts.

9.    RACING
9.1.    Racing area will be in the Central and Eastern Solent. Starts will be held between the     Committee Boat and a mark.
9.2.    There will be two races scheduled per day.

10.    RULES
10.1.    The racing series will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing.
10.2.    The crews shall not modify the yachts or cause them to be modified in any way except that:
10.3.    Wind indicators, including yarn or thread may be tied or taped anywhere on the yacht
10.4.    Adhesive tape may be used anywhere above the waterline to prevent fouling of lines or sheets
10.5.    All fittings or equipment designed to be adjusted except for the standard rigging may be adjusted
10.6.    Lines or elastic may be used to prevent sails being damaged or falling overboard
10.7.    Marking of control settings is allowed by tape
10.8.    Guard rails are to remain tight and are not to be adjusted
10.9.    All of the above modifications must be removed/returned to their original condition at the end of the       charter.  Failure to do so will incur charges

11.1.    All equipment provided with the yacht shall be carried while afloat
11.2.    All equipment is to be stowed in accordance with the inventory list
11.3.    No equipment shall be removed or repositioned before or during racing
11.4.    Life rafts are to remain in the after stowage
11.5.    The use of snatch blocks is prohibited
11.6.    The attachment of blocks or other equipment to the aluminium toe rail is prohibited
11.7.    The use of spare sheets, halyards or equipment for any purpose other than for what they have been     supplied is not allowed - specifically spinnaker sheets and guys
11.8.    No additional equipment shall be fitted or brought abroad
11.9.    The use of handheld GPS and portable navigation aids are allowed

12.    ANCHORS
12.1.    The main anchor, chain and warp provided on the yacht shall be carried at all times and should be     stored in the forward anchor well
12.2.    The secondary anchor (kedge), chain and warp provided on the yacht shall be carried at all times and     should be stored in the aft port locker

13.1.    The underwater surface of the yacht shall not be tampered with in any way
13.2.    The use of divers for the cleaning of the yachts hull is strictly prohibited
13.3.    The lifting, haul out, or drying out of the yacht for the cleaning of the hull is prohibited

14.    SAILS
14.1.    Only the sails on the inventory are to be used
14.2.    One furling headsail is fitted on the boat. The halyard is tensioned by Sunsail and should not be     adjusted
14.3.    The use of company branded spinnakers is allowed providing that the spinnaker is made to the     specifications provided by Sunsail.  The Sunfast 37 Class sail makers are Elvstrom, Ratsey & Lapthorn,     Hyde Sails and Crusader Sails
14.4.    Only one spinnaker is to be carried, either the standard spinnaker provided by Sunsail or the     company branded spinnaker, which is to be 1.5 ounce
14.5.    For details of the spinnaker contact Sunsail.